We like trees, so send us your book at in an e-book format that is compatible with Kindle.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following file types:

– azw
– txt
– html
– pdf
– doc

If your book is not available in an e-book format, or you simply prefer to send a paper copy, email us with your details and we will gladly provide a mailing address.

While you’re at it:

1. Make sure your book is market ready when you send it. When we review it, our opinions will be informed by what is in front of our face, not what you hope your book will be one day. We’re also going to be linking it to the purchase point so make sure you are ready for people to buy it as-is.

2. Have it professionally edited before you send it to us. This point is worth mentioning for obvious reasons.

3. Realize that when you submit your book for review you are giving us full legal rights to say what we like about your book within our format. For example, we do not take down reviews once they have been posted.  But you know that implicitly, otherwise you wouldn’t be sending us your book.

3 Responses to Submissions

  1. Is there anyway to send you a book “in person”? I have not learned how to make my book” Kindle worthy”. I must find out how, but in the mean time, would you be interested in looking at my book in a hard copy? It is a true story of a family who witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Thank you,
    Trinette Weber

  2. sportwetten123
    Hey, can I use your post on my website with a linkback?

  3. Jaime Mathis

    Send us your website so we can take a look and we’ll let you know!
    Thanks for asking,

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